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HyperRain’s project ST2

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Hi guys

Only been day 2 of owning the st2 but 100% puts a smiles on my face when I drive it 😃

Iv got a far few thing I want to do and something that need to be done, Going to need 2 front tyres so Ill go back to the trusted Goodyear eagle f1s all round 👌🏻

Need little things inside like new gear knob and head unit just coz I dont like it 😂

Going to need the bumper doing as the lacquer is coming off and a few mark here and there

Looking at getting some gloss black wheels

Getting my private plate back off the wife 😂😂😂

And some more things as we go down the road

Heres the st2 as it is at the moment, Only thing I done is wash it 👍🏻


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Thinking for going mod xrs so going to need 440 injectors and I’ll change the plenum thinking of the pumaspeed one
Camera accessory Flash photography Camera lens Cameras & optics Reflex camera

ordered some new lug nuts as mine went rusty plus found some new stickers so I can put back on my other centre caps back as they look and fit nicer
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Finally found some Mountune stickers for my centre caps I prefer as I jet washed them off last time 🙈

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So I may of messed up a little lol.

Been looking at rims over the last few days with tyres and seeing whats what

So I like the Rotiform TUF-R and wanted to see how much the 19” with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 come to just over 2k then was looking at PayPal what they would be over the 3 months that they don’t do as it not under £2,000 so looked at credit and then accidentally bought them 🤣

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Hour and 45mins later and all 4 rims ceramic coated front and back.

Going to get them on next week. May have to change the spacers as the new rims are 10mm wider so will see what they look like and go from there

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So got the new wheels on. Had a little trouble with the front had 15mm spacers on and went for a drive and was wobbling all over the place!!

So jacked up and tightened then I noticed I was digging the spacer bolts into the back of the other offset holes!!!! Then got the wheel stuck on 🙈

Only way I could get the wheel off was kicking the bottom of it to free it!!! Had to take the front spacers off and after a 2nd driver all as fine

Tomorrow I’m going to have to trim down the 20mm spacer bolts on the back so I can tighten up the rear
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Just got the front 5mm spacer on going to do the other one tomorrow but looks good so far. Still go it jacked as I need to trim down the rear bolt

Got my new 19” areodisc today. Going to have to go plan for the show but going to get a design done for the next show

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Trimmed the rear hub bolts so now got the rears to sit 100% flat and got the 5mm spacers all on

Fitted the shoe aero discs to what they like.
Need to get a design done next but will do for now

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