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Htc Hd2 Phone

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I'm thinking of buying an HTC HD2, it's being released on O2 within the next week or so. It's the latest to be dubbed an 'iPhone killer', according to the web anyway. Has anyone got one yet or thinking of getting one, I believe it may already be out on other networks. I'm no gadget nerd but it looks a good bit of kit albeit it runs on WindowsMobile which doesn't always have the best of press.
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QUOTE(Jon @ 14 Nov 2009, 04:40 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Has anyone got one yet or thinking of getting one,

Just me then?
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Ive got the Old Version HTC Touch HD and it put my wifes Iphone to shame thats just my opinion of course. The new model looks really good.
I bought HD2 last Thursday
wow I was really impressed with the screen and very responsive
I would say much better than Iphone 3GS (I had )
go for it you will love it
Thanks for the above, i've read various reviews on it and all seems good. Just wish it ran Android rather than WinMo but apparently it's so well masked you barely realise it's there. Going to order one in the week.
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