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2007 3dr Focus ST performance blue
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I managed to replace a pair of burned out projectors for a friend of mine so I thought I can take some pictures and share them with you. I picked the quick and easy method of cutting a hole in the headlight as these ones can be a pain to open up.

Its hard to find replacement projectors for Focus mk2.5 but luckily the ones for Mondeo mk4.5 are the same, with the same issue. I manage to source a set of universal projectors + adapters of Aliexpress for a quite reasonable price. Its very important to contact the seller and see if are RHD or LHD projectors. Some sellers give you options to pick.

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I received the package in about 3 weeks and I took the headlights inside to see what needs to be done. I gave them a good clean using some APC and some microfiber towels just to keep things clean and the misses happy.

The first step was to take out the balast from under the headlight. A T15 torx was needed.
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Then, I took a metallic stanley knife with a new blade and scratched a "square" from the bulb opening to the balast hole. Once I was happy with the shape, I started cutting through the plastic as steady as possible. Just make sure not to go too deep and cut any wires. Also, you must be careful next to the leveling motor as the plug is close to the housing.
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Once you`re done it should look like this:
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Just notice how close the plug was in the bottom left corner. Now it should allow you to reach the 3 7mm nuts, undo them and take the old projector out. I used a flexible extension for this, its quite hard to reach all of them.

I then unscrewed the old bolts/studs from the plastic housing.
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I started playing with the adapter plate and I noticed it was touching the housing in two spots, making it impossible to align the holes. It had to trim it and after a lot of baby steps it finally aligned. Feel free to cut the second plate using the first one as a template.
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In the mean time I tried to mount the adaptor plate to the new projector and I realized that its best to put it in front of the projector with 3 screws (same as the factory one) using the supplied long nuts as spacers. Just make sure everything is tight tight. A phillips bit and a 7mm were needed for this step. The plan was to mount the plate to the headlight and then slide the projector in.
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In order to mount the plate to the headlight I had to cut the metric part of the original studs and reuse the rest.
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Mounted everything as tight as possible without stripping anything and gave the inside a blow just to make sure I don`t leave any dust or derbies behind
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Finally, I have slide the new projector and it should look like this.
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2007 3dr Focus ST performance blue
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I decided would be better to reuse the original nuts as they had a nylock on them.
In the end I clipped back the connector for the long beam magnet. In my case it was a match but some adaptors were provided in the pack.
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On one headlight I decided to use the adaptor to extend the wire a bit as it was too tights and I was afraid it might get damage over time.

I also ordered new bulbs, and decided to buy the more expensive Osram Nightbreaker D1s Laser high priest level999+ etc as I used them on my other car and they shine really bright. It was about £64 a piece from an Osram authorized dealer.
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Just make sure to align the small notch with the centering tab. I also strongly advice you to play a bit with the system as its only going to latch in a single position and you might damage the bulb if not aligned properly . Use the old ones to understand how everything mounts together.
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Now, for the final stage, take the housing piece you cut earlier, align as best as you can and with a flat tip on a soldering iron weld the two pieces together in one continuous move while applying medium pressure.
It should end up looking like this while being strong and water thigh.
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And the finish product:
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The downside of this method is that you really need to start with a clean headlight as you cannot clean the glass on the inside. Hopefully by Sunday I will manage to wet sand them and give them a quick polish before putting them on the car and re-align them. I will get back with an update.

Meanwhile a few random pictures with old vs new projectors.
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The entire housing is made from metal (including the reflector) and overall the quality is super good. I know from a friend who put something similar on a mk3 that they last very well (3+ years with no issues). Can`t wait to test them on the car.
Similar can be done on prefacelift as well with the small difference that you have enough access through the back opening.

Hope its going to help someone. Cheers.

2007 3dr Focus ST performance blue
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Came back with a short update. The alignment its spot on but I had to adjust the height. The power output its really good. Sadly I forgot to take a picture further away from the wall but its night and day difference. The picture doesn't make justice as the the camera was trying to adjust brightness


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