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Before you start please remember that this is a guide only, if you are unsure of any of the steps please consult a trained specialist before continuing.

Tools Required

21mm spanner
15mm socket
18mm socket
8mm spanner
Ball joint splitter

First of all you have to jack the car up and remove the wheel, be sure to use an axle stand on a solid surface. I tend to put the axle stand as shown in the below picture but it is up to you where you put it.

On the drivers side only you have the headlight level sensor which is attached to the bottom arm which an be removed using a 8mm spanner

First job is to remove the nut holding the ball joint in place you will need a 21mm spanner to do this. Use the ring end of the spanner to start with, as these nuts can be tight. You can then either use a ball joint splitter or simply tap carefully where indicated in the below picture which will crack the hold. You have to press down on the arm to remove the joint fully from the hub this can be done by hand.

Next you have to remove the front bolt, which requires either a 18mm spanner or socket.

Now you have to remove the two bolts on the back of the arm, which require a 21mm spanner.

The arm should now just pull off the sub-frame it may be a bit tight but just wiggle it around and it will come off.

When refitting simply reverse the above guide ensuring that all bolts are in place and finger tight before fully tightening any of the bolts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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