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This guide is a mixture of the official BlendMount instructions, as well as my own Focus ST specific instructions.
Some pictures have also been taken from another forum ( as I forgot to take some!

1) Clean the back of the Scangauge using the alcohol wipe (supplied) or some IPA and kitchen road. Leave to dry naturally.

Hand Finger Thumb Bumper Material property

2) Once done, stick the red coloured velcro onto the back. One side has a small piece, the other a larger piece. It's obvious what one goes where.

Light Ac adapter Rectangle Gadget Material property

3) In the little plastic tube are some different screws and adaptors. Take out the longest screw, and the longest spacer. Now replace the screw that attaches the collar to the mount with the longer ones. It can remain in the hole that is furthest back.

4) Place it onto the rear view mirror (RVM) mount and check the angles. The perforated bits are designed so that you can bend it to get the perfect angle.

5) Now attach the mount to the rear view mirror. The collar (where it attaches to the mount) will need to be at an angle so it's facing you, and so it doesn not clash with the RVM. Sit in the driver's seat and check the angle is right with the RVM set to how you have it. Once you have it at the correct angle, tighten it all up.

Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

6) Now to the wiring... Remove the panel on the right hand side that goes over the OBD port. There is just one torx screw that need undoing, and then it pulls off. Be careful but forceful, and it will come off. It's obvious how it goes back on. You might want to unclip the actual OBD port for better access (and to not put strain on the cables). It's easy to see how it's done.

7) Now remove the A pillar cover. Grab the top near the windscreen and pull. A clip should come loose, and then the rest will follow. I didn't break any so you shouldn't either. It will look like this underneath. Luckily there are some cable tidy clips, so you can run the cabling through that.

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Window Automotive carrying rack

8 ) Take the extension cable and connector block (from the BlendMount bag) and the OBD <--> CAT5 cable from the Scangauge box. The connector block and excess cable is going to sit in the gap at the bottom of the A pillar.

9) Plug the extension cable into one end of the connector block, and place the block into the gap at the bottom of the A pillar. Now run the cable up the A pillar (sitting in the cable tidy clips). When you get to the top, feed the cable into the headlining. No force is required to get the cable into the headlining, so be gentle. Now move the cable along so it reaches behind the BlendMount. Pull the excess cabling into the A pillar gap.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior

10) Now plug the OBD <--> CAT5 cable into the other end of the connector block. Clip the OBD port back into the cover (of you removed it) and plug the OBD end of the cable into the port. Run the cable up the side of the dash, and tuck everything nicely away in that A pillar gap.

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle Car

Fixture Vehicle door Chair Automotive exterior Vehicle

11) Re-attach the OBD cover and screw back on.

12) Reattached the A pillar cover. This can be a bit tricky to line it all up, so be careful.

13) You can plug the cable into the side or the back of the Scangauge. I plugged it into the back, and ran it through one of the gaps on the back of the BlendMount. Now tidy away any excess cabling.

14) Sit back and admire the Scanguage in all it's glory.

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Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Car Hood Automotive lighting

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No idea. About that I reckon. I'll let you know when I give it some welly.
It's a shame it appears the boost gauge function doesn't appear to work on the ST.

Just taken some. I'll add them to initial post. Not the best pics coz it's dark!
Thanks Andy.

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Is that booting it on the move, or at standstill?
Mine didn't move when at standstill.
Yes on the move mate. I'm same, doesn't seem to move on standstill. Ill have another look today though as haven't really driven the car since I programmed it.

Edit- driven 25 miles this morning. I find if I rev it slightly at standstill there's no change, as soon as I start driving it drops slightly but as soon as it boosts its dropping and holding at 10.9 which is the same pretty much as when I had it on a rolling road and got the dyno results.
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