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How To Change Air Filter

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Can someone please give me a quick how to on changing my air filter?

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guys having a bit of a problem with this, I checked the link above done what it says by taken the screws out but the filter bit wont budge and I cant pull it up like it shows in the pics in the link
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The only thing I can think of is the filter has come loose and is stopping the filter housing from being pull up, maybe getting something thin and sliding it down to try and push the filter back into place
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I know when i did mine for the first time i had to give it a damn good pull. It was very stubborn
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Have you removed the slam panel first? as IIRC it's in the way of the filter housing

Again it takes a bit if a tug to release the filter housing
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cheers guys, will give this a try when I get home from work.

was a bit scared yesterday as I started to pull a bit rough and was worried a knocked something or broke something in the engine.
Give it quite a tug ... both hands whilst watching you dont wack your hands or the casing on the bonnet catch .... with some gentile Persuasion it will go past it.
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