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Thought id drop in and say hi, been a lurker on here for a while but having picked up my ST this sat i now know what its all about. lol

I've got a 2008 58 plate frozen white ST3 5800 miles its completely standard but what a great car very different from the previous peugeots.

Paid £16800 from a local dealer which i was happy with, i'll get some pics up when i finally take some that is if i stop driving it.


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Welcome mate glad your loving the

Recommend you to join the club best £10 you will ever spend.
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Thanks for the welcome.

Just signed up for the membership looks worth it for the bits i cant see. lol
Found the pics from the dealer so not my own work yet


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Hello Ben and
along to the club, very nice looking car you got yourself there.
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Hello and
to the club

Great choice of car...exactly the same as mine
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