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Hi all

My name is Thor and I love cars, enduro, and rc cars on and off road.

My car is a 2007 5 door, panther black.

My bike is a TM450

My RC´s are losi xxx-s and a losi 1/10 buggy.

This is my second attemt on this forum. First time around it was to get info on leds for my car now its for a problem.

I have a leak from the car a yellow/green stuff. and it seems to be somvere from the middle of the car. This started after driving in a lot of snow. Got stuck a few times.

Does anyone have an Idea on what this could be?

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QUOTE(Bobster200 @ 26 Feb 2010, 12:13 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Welcome to the club.

Not sure on your fluid leak but suggest you get it checked out pronto!

Done. Nothing wrong, but it seems if u back into a snow drift the fluid that comes out of the tail pipe is this color. Somthing to do with cemicals in the system...
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