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Hi All

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Hi all i will be travelling up your kneck of the woods, a week on sunday, and was just wondering if there was anymeets planned for that week, be cool to get out and meet a few of the owners for up north.

Just out of total curiosity?

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Mark,what dates are you in the area mate? I don't get onshore until the 7th but I'd be up for a meet to show you around if you want. Hopefully a few other members will come along too!
Im coming up on sunday the 13th, and will be staying till the 18th. Will be at Murcar, if that makes any difference got a course to do at talon ndt. Great fun!

But if there is anything happening then ill be happy to show up for a few hours, been up a few times, but never with the st

hi hope you enjoy the north! yeh hope a meet is possible for everyone
i will do marc, yea hopefully a small meet would be nice get me out the bar for a wee while, haha, not that its a bad thing.....but it gets a bit boring. Tho im not to familiar with aberdeen, but will have a snt nav and know some places

There's not much goes on here in the winter to be honest mate - its why the Scotland North region don't have many posts.

Many of us hide offshore or indoors simply because its too cold to stand around outside!
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