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Help With Ipod

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Need a bit of help here
For some reason i have managed to completely remove all songs from my iPod. I dont want to re connect it to the pc as it will update and remove all songs from the libary. Does anyone have a idiot proof guide on how to get my songs back onot my ipod
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Just reconnect it to the pc mate, as long as the Ipod has been used wit hthat copy of Itunes before, it will just re-sync to your itunes library and put all the music off your pc back onto the ipod. It wont get deleted from the pc library...
Oh right i thought the libary got synq with the ipod??
No they will sync both ways. Anything on your pc but not on your iPod will get copied to your iPod and visa versa!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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