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Help Tracing History

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I have recently bought a ST-2 in performance blue and the car has had a bit of tuning done to it. When i bought it it had a private plate and is fitted with a DSCI induction kit. It aleady came adorned with the STOC club stickers. The garage where i bought it from is a bit vague with what has been done to it and only "thinks" the power is about 275 bhp. What i would like to know if anyone on here recognises the car and can give me a bit of info as to how much the car has been tuned as i am going to a rolling road day in the new year and what i can expect? The private reg i think was K155WAD if that helps.

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Couple of things mate,

It's probably not the best idea to put someone elses reg number public on here.

You'll probably be better off with a few pics.

You might be better off PM'ing your regional rep, they might of seen it at shows.

You can always look up the previous keepers phone number when the V5 comes through, or ask the dealer to ring them - give them your number.

Good luck in tracing the history.
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