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Help Please

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Hi guys,

Looking at investing in a set of Eibachs for the ST, any ideas where to go in the Leicester area plus what sort of prices to expect?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi all have been watch a lot of post's regarding eibachs and thinking of having this done to my car how much does it help with the handling as my front end some days seems a bit vague , does anyone know what they are like to drive in the snow as my workmate has offered to pull me out of the snowbanks as he has a subura impreza 2000 and thinks this is the best car outside our workplace
Thanks to Pumabuild, my Eibachs will arrive on Wednesday!!


Thanks for your help guys!
I have recently had the Eibach springs fitted, really tighten the handling, the ride with them feels the same as standard apart from over the really big speed humps. I was afraid of them feeling awful like the *cough* Cavalier I had many moons ago with lowering springs which bumped and skitted all over the road.

Get them fitted, they are a superb bit of kit.

The Front is nice and low but i feel the back could be slightly lower, there is a thread about 2 different types, dunno which ones mine are.

Here the link to the pics of mine fitted


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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