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Evening all (infact its morning i suppose :S)

Just signed up to the forums to grab a bit of info about living with a focus ST as me and my dad have decided its probbaly the next car to buy. We'll be going halves as we both have Jobs with Vans so this will be used at weekends and in the evenings

I currently own a Saxo VTS (see sig) Which has decided to be french and just self destruct its wiring-loom So thats now being stripped down and used as a track car

Im thinking a focus ST will be a HUGE step forward in performance + daily driving

Anyway were on the lookout for a PH1 Focus ST2 or 3 in red

Ill be lurking around trying to gatehr as much info as possible so sorry if i ask stupid sounding questions



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to the club and good luck with the hunting. Don't forget to bear in mind the added expense from the step up from your saxo.

The obvious one is the insurance, they'll hit you hard at your age. Also you'll need to consider the petrol, these things are VERY thirsty. Then you've got the road tax which is currently £215 but has been threatening to go up for some time. Then there's servicing and maintenance which aren't cheap, and the ST eats tyres for breakfast.

I not trying to put you off, just some things to think about!

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Thanks for the replies people!

RickyLee: Insurance isnt a problem weve checked and double checked and tripple checked with my dads traders insurance and they say im covered to drive a focus ST (Yet they refused me for my saxo VTS or a Civic Type-r :S)

Petrol is probbaly going to be the money sucking factor but if we share it evenly im sure it wont hinder us too much!

My dad owning a bodyshop helps LOTS as he has some handy links in the trade so cheap tyres and obveously free spraybooth sessions

all i need to say.

Cheers for all the ifo though ive been looking at a few ST's on here and wow they can look amazing! seem to go well too

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Yes red seems to be rare
oh well!
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