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Hi all, another newbie I'm afraid.
Bought my ST3 last December. Was standard with Eibach springs fitted. I had a K&N cais and Mongoose cat back system fitted. Then had it remapped. Now quite noisy and very quick. Would like to have it on a rolling road to have the fuelling checked but cannot find one near Newcastle Upon Tyne where I live. After ticking over, or going from reverse to forward have to blip the throttle as it doesn't want to rev. Only since remap. Anyone else had this problem? By the way, mine is an 07 3 door in blue. Would appreciate any comments please. ta.

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to the club Rob i think there is a rolling road in Cramlington can't think of there name but they mainly seem to do Jap cars or the one we had a meet at Motorscope at Northallerton hope this helps
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