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........... in one of these today. All I can say is wow! Feels a lot nicer inside than the prev generation and has a lot of bits as standard spec. But the way it accelerates and corners is beyond belief. Body roll is non existant and the ride quality is very good. Much better than the RS(which I felt was too crashy and jarring). Its also surprisingly quieter than the ST or RS. That really was a shock. I was expecting wind noise and a boomy exhaust, but it was as quiet as my 335i. Paddle shift was also lightning fast with no lag at all. The last car I remember having so much grip was a 911 C4S.

Negatives: Doesnt make the noise that the ST does. No optional sunroof or cruise control.

Currently the 330 is available at the price of the 300,which makes it even better value. i absolutely hated the prev IX as it was too rough, and was looking forward to hating this as well. But I love this version.

Anyone considering an RS, should have a go in one of these as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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