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Hey guys this week I plasti-dipped my alloys as i fancied a bit of a change, so i thought i'd make a quick how-to guide for people considering doing this too.

I couldnt see a guide on here to doing it but i know others have so credit goes to them first for introducing the product ^_^ good luck and i hope you enjoy!.

Brief Information: Plasti-dip is a rubberised paint which will not corrode and is resistant to dirt, heat, acid and many other cool things, If at any time you decide you are unhappy with the finish plasti-dip can be removed simply by peeling off without damaging the existing surface.

NOTE: I do not take any responsibilty for any damage incurred to yourself or your vehicle, If you are in any doubt its best to get someone to do it for you

-Purchase Plasti-dip Here-


Tools and Equipment You Will Need
  • Alloy Wheel Cleaner ( I used Wonder Wheels along with a small brush to agitate ground in dirt.)
  • 19mm Wheel Brace Along with Locking Wheel Nut
  • 2 Axle Stands ( 4 If you have them )
  • A suitable Trolley Jack
  • A large sheet of cardboard or bundle of newspaper ( To place the wheel on whilst you carry out spraying )
  • Masking Tape
  • 4 Cans of Plasti-dip Aerosol 311g. ( Approximately £45.00 for 4 cans including delivery charge )
  • Paper Towels
Step One

First of all use a suitable wheel cleaner i.e Wonder Wheels or any good cleaning agent to thoroughly clean your alloy wheels. All wheels must be completely free from any dirt, grease and grime otherwise the plasti-dip will not adhere properly.
Now take a paper towel and give your alloys a good drying off once cleaned.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Step Two

Next, Begin to loosen your alloy wheel nuts, Once loosened slightly, Begin to raise the front ( Both Sides ) of the car up and place securely on axle stands. ( I only have two axle stands but if you can get all four wheels off the ground at once then it will speed the process up a bit
Once securely placed on axle stands begin taking both front wheels off.

Step Three

Once both wheels are off take them to your spraying area, which should ideally be well ventilated and large enough to be able to walk around each wheel, so as you dont miss any parts of the alloy.
Its also a good idea to either place the alloy down on either newspaper, cardboard or anything that will prevent any overspill on your drive / garage etc.

Step Four

OPTIONAL: You may either choose at this point to use masking tape around the entire outer rim of the alloy to prevent any overspill on your tyres, Admittedly, I skipped this and just finely trimmed any excess plasti-dip that went on the tyres after with a stanley blade.

Step Five

Now that your wheels are off and your area is set ready for spraying you may now grab hold of a can of Plasti-dip.
Make sure you give it a good shake as its much like normal spray paint.
Begin coating your alloys with the plasti-dip, taking care not to miss any awkward areas of the wheel, at this point you dont need to apply a heavy coat just a "Primer Coat" is enough. Allow atleast 20-30 minutes to dry between coats so if you can coat two or more wheels at the same time it will be a lot quicker.

Wheel Automotive tire Hubcap Alloy wheel Tread

Step Six

Once your first coat is dry begin with the second coat. This time a bit heavier to give a more even coating, gradually you will see the alloy starting to take on a more definitve look. If at any point you experience runs in the paint or heavy spots, just move a little further away and the next coat will mask it. Again 20-25 mintutes to dry before continuing to the final stages.

Light Automotive tire Blue Wheel Hubcap

Step Seven

Onto the third coat now, by this time you should have used around 75% of your plasti dip as you are aiming for 1 can per wheels give or take a few squirts.

Hubcap Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wheel Road surface

Step Eight

Now for the final coat, make sure here you have definately covered all angles of the alloy and that there is no patches. If there is just give them a quick spray over again, You should now be getting the finishing effect.

Wheel Automotive tire Hubcap Alloy wheel Tread

Step Nine

Last step, simply place all your alloy wheels back on tighten the nuts, let the car off the jack and sit back have a brew and admire your work
heres a pic of what mine looked like after following the steps above.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Land vehicle

I hope you enjoyed this guide, its really cool stuff and will cover / fill any minor scratches and scuffs you may have on your alloys. Should you have any questions feel free to drop me a message and i will be happy to reply! ( Also sorry for any spelling mistakes or small things i have left off feel free to pick me up on them
) Thanks for reading



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Hmm im not sure of dark alloys on my car but id defo think of doing this just before winter to stop crud and salt attacking the alloys face and that horrible bronze they go too dunno if thats salt or rust from wet discs being rubbed off by the pads.

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anyone ....... anyone done their rear diffuser in this stuff yet ?????
Whats it like for spraying over paint, and does it come off just as easy? im talking about where a diffuser should be on a pre-facelift.... just like the area in djneice avatar above!!

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