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Hi ,

Has anyone else had similar problem with the ST? Basically it has to be 5 degrees C or less abmient temperature to do it ( i notice it when de-icing car)

IT started the first winter i had the car and it has been to ford twice both times they say they cant hear it.

Basically when you strt the car if you get out and listen near the passenger side front wheel there is a rattle / mechanical grinding type noise.

If you depress the clutch it stops.

IF the ambient temp is above 6 or so degrees it doesnt do it. Even when itdoes do it and the temp is below 5 degrees once it has warmed up it will then not do it again unless it it is left overnight

I am guessing it is input shaft bearings/thrust bearing?
The temperature parameter might have something to do with the grease viscosity in the bearing?

Anyone else had similar and managed to get ford to diagnose and fix it? Anyone know if the above bearings are covered under warranty?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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