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Just a quick message to say hi, My first post.
Ive just got the wife a 2008 (5-door) Focus ST3 in Panther Black after upgrading her from a modded Fiesta Diesel
Hers to drive for the week, mine for the weekend

Absolutely beautiful car to drive, very smooth. Already installed a K&N panel filter now just contemplating a remap.
Its a bit of a sleeper being the 5 door shape, i just love planting the right pedal, its puts a big smile on your face with that amazing exhaust note.
Theres not too much i want do with the car as it has most things. But in time i would like to fit the RS2 bonnet vents and RS2 Wheels to compliment the extra power of a remap.
thats it for now, i just now have to put up with her moning about the extra tax and fuel its costing her

See ya....
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