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Got Meself A New Toy!!!!!!!!!!

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got myself a st500 58 plate with 4k on the clock, well well happy with it after having a mk3 fiesta with rs2000 engine was fun but wanted
for a while and seen the 500 so had to have one lol!

Looking to get a set of ms design wheels and have them black chromed or a set of arcasting d666 polished black alloys in 20" also really looking for sum1 to help me mock up a photoshop pic with these wheels on so i can see what they will look like i think both would look the dogs b
ks... what do you think?

looking for a cat back system but not something to make me deaf lol any suggestions??? Car Wheel Land vehicle Sky Vehicle
Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle part Automotive design Rim
Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Grille Car Automotive lighting


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Welcome mate, nice looking car.

The 20'ms wheels ruin the ride and are very easily damaged by curbing etc, i would stick to 19's if i were you.

As for a cat back, none of them will be deafening tbh, magnex or mongoose are very popular, piper or blue flame are prob the loudest.

Best advice would be to spend a tenner and join as an owner member, then you would get members discounts from the club sponsors so it will save you loads in the long run.
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along fella . As mentioned 20's are not the best option , 19's will still give a good ride and are quite a bit cheaper .
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along fellow new member! The members on here are really friendly and helpful so enjoy!
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thanks guys what you reckon of my new plate i managed to get my missis got it for xmas but you know what its like got to have it on the
straight away!
could someone do a photoshop ov my st500 on black chrome st wheels then with a red rim pinstripe if any1 gets 5mins?????

i signed up as owner member yesterday look out for me on the mean streets ov south wales with my club stickers in back windows..................
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I think it tops it off quite nicely to be honest mate, liking the smoked xenons on the black too. Really fancy a pair on mine, shame the 06 didn't come with them
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