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Getting In An Rs!!!!!!

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I was thinking about it but never really put m,y final decision unitl last night my mate took me out in his, i was smiling the whole time and shaking my head on how it stuck to the road.
So now im booked in on monday to go and have a chat and decide what i want, nice christmas present for myself.
All i can describe it as, is an ST on STEROIDS!!!!

oh and its got to be the green!!
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Thought you were going to moan about climbing over the seat bolsters when I saw your title

Nice choice, but I might be a bit biased...
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Thats what I thought.

I was going to agree, that it always smashes my leg.
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+1 the bolsters is something that is putting me off getting our lass one, due to the width of the drive it is not so easy getting into the the ST (due to long doors) the RS is a pain even with the doors wide open.

I had thought about getting a 2nd hand ST interior but that sort of destroys the point of the RS
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I found it really hard getting out of the RS would not like to attempt it with a skirt on could be very undignified to be honest and if you land on those bolsters the wrong way........OUCH for both male and female!
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