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QUOTE(FitzyJ @ 5 Nov 2009, 06:42 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This is my first post so go easy on me lol.

I'm going to be picking up the diesel focus on Saturday and the first thing I want to look into getting for it is a remap. I've done a bit of research and got quotes from RS tuning and AMD. Both companies offer the same gains and prices are the same. I know RS tuning has a good rep but what about AMD?

AMD is better for me due to its in Essex and just down the road from where I work. Has anyone got any other tuning companies to reccomend? Also have you ever had any problems with the car once the remap has been installed? Due to I still have warranty on the car and remapping it will void it and the last thing I want is the car going wrong in some way.


I doubt you'll find a bad word said about AMD on here, they are a top company, who i would recomend 100%.

You could try code-red not near to you i know, but i have borrowed there focus tdi demonstrator and its dam quick and economical.
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