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Warning - this might be a long post!! Now I am normally a fairly easy going person. Somebody likes different music, wants to be overly religious, wants to be gay etc. that is fine as long as they don't try to push their beliefs on me & demand that either I follow their beliefs, change what I do, or demand extra special treatment for themselves because they are different - then complain when they get treated differently................ Same goes for people who want - or have to for medical reasons - eat different foods - not a problem.

Roll on to the weekend just gone & we had a whole load of Vegans (not from a Star Trek convention!!) camped outside the local meat processing factory here in town demanding that they stop production & that Burger King & McDonalds stop selling meat products & only sell vegan food. Now whether Burger King & Maccy D's actually sell meat is another topic but if I want a burger why should I not be able to go there & get one - just because someone else demands I shouldn't? I don't go to the Vegan shops here in town & demand they start selling meat?! I just don't go in & go to the butchers next door! So if this lot want to eat Vegan beef burgers (surely illegal to call them that!) why don't they buy them from the vegan shop & leave the rest of us to our meat? Now if they were protesting correctly I wouldn't have had a big an issue but they were camped outside the factory & blocking the lorries & workers from going about their lawful business of going to the factory. If anyone tried to go in they hurled abuse at them - along with bits of bushes at the lorries. They were also parking their cars in the road stopping anyone else from even driving past the factory to go anywhere else unrelated to the factory. In short being absolute morons. What were the Police doing about it? They had cordoned off the area & every Police van, car, bike, person etc. were all gathered there just watching them abuse, harass, intimidate & threaten people- and block the public highway as well as criminally damage the factory property. No arrests or anything??? They were even handing out bottles of water to them to keep them cool & hydrated!!!!
When I drove past my car got lumps of earth and branches thrown at me at which point I nearly got out to personally 'explain' to the morons why they shouldn't be doing it but didn't after the wife - also in the car - asked me not to on the basis that I would be the one likely to end up arrested. Hence we just went to the shops............. at which point I bought 6 of the biggest bags of the cheapest 75% off mince I could find. We then drove past the idiots again to get home as there was no other way at which point you can guess what I did..................................

Hint - we had salad that evening as it was still quite warm weather wise as we had no meat in the house .............................

You ever seen how far a bag of mince goes if thrown hard & how far the contents spread out when they hit objects - and people.............................!?!?!?!?!?
Legend Nick good on you mate (y)

More of that should happen these minorities rule the roost in this country I could go on all night but will jump off my soapbox...
3421 - 3422 of 3422 Posts