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Funny Whiney Noise

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hello all, i have had my st3 for a couple of months now and i have not liked a car as much as this since my rs turbo, anyhoo since last night i have been haveing this funny noise from the engine bay, it sounds like its comeing from the cam belt area near the top.
it started yesterday afternoon but seemed to dissapear last night, got in the car this morning and again no noise untill a few miles down the road, now the odd thing is that the noise does not seem to increase or decrease with engine revs or speed it just seems to stay the same. i should add that it does seem to get quieter as the car gets faster but that might just be road noise drowning it out, nothing has come up on the display to say something is wrong and the car does not seem afected in any way, its kinda worrying me as i dont want to knacker my engine, any ideas fellas, thank you all, bri.
p.s. the car has 31000 miles.
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Could it be the oil diaphragm problem? I'm sure others will shed more light on it.
If its a whistling noise that carries on for a while after the engine is turned off and stops when you either pull the dipstick out or take the oil filler cap off then thats the oil seperator diaphragm problem! If its related to engine speed and dissapears when the engine stops turning then its an alternator problem! It sounds most like the oil seperator though which is a very common fault and should be taken care of under warranty! Get it sorted ASAP though as driving it over large distances can result in damage to the engine oil seals! Hope that helps!
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Exactly as fishy said, start your car up and let it start whining, remove the dipstick and you should hear it suck in and the whining stop. If it does then this is your oil diaphraghm and there is a new ford uprgraded unit which overcomes this.
thanks to you fellas, i just took me dipstick out (the cars that is) and the noise stopped pushed it back in and there it was, so a big thank you to you by the way is this a big job to sort, thanks bri.
I don't think you can buy the diaphragm seperate so it's a new oil filter housing needed
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well i phoned ford up at the begining of the week and got me car booked in for thursday (yesterday) and i was even cheeky enough to tell em what wqas wrong, well after 2 days of them doing "diagnostics" they have just told me what the problem is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the oil diaphram thing, excactly what i told them so now i have to wait till monday (hopefully anyway) to get me car back.
So it took them two days to diagnose something we managed in three minutes.
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its allmost unbeliveble aint it.
No not for a ford dealer.
Hope they get it sorted quickly for you, it is a straight forward job, though i had to wait three weeks for the uprated version, since fitting in march last year no more problems.
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QUOTE(Gav @ 19 Dec 2009, 01:50 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Funny whiny noise you say..? That'll be Marc.

Whats the odds on this getting deleted. Drunk again Gav?
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