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Forum Layout Problem

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In the last week when viewing topics, Usually I see all the posts once after another, but now I only see the first post and the other posts in the same topic are down the bottom under "Posts in this topic" & I have to click on each one individually to see them. I've clicked on 'options' at the top of the page to try and change the layout, but nothing comes up, I only see the tag #topicoptions being put in the address bar.

Works fine in Firefox, but only happens when using Safari in the last week.

Is there a way round this?
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If you look at the first post in a topic, on the top right hand side it says 'Options'. Click on this then in the drop-down menu under 'Display Options' click Standard. That should fix it for you.

But that doesnt work, nothing comes up
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Its a Safari Issue and we are running fairly old board software at the minute, so you'll need to bear with us whilst we update. Stick to Firefox!
Cheers Marc
I'll just have to use Firefox for the time being then
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