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Hey everyone

Was playing about on the Internet and had a look at the forge motorsport web site and found some interesting goodies so hear is a quick round up of what i think each item would do and to see if anyone else has looked into these items.

I am just about to fit md DS Induction Kit to my ST however Before I do so i have been looking into the old does and don'ts of Dump Valves. I have at the moment a K&NII CAIS that i will be removing and installing the DS Induction kit tomorrow , however up until last Sunday I had the Collins performance dump valve fitted but have taken it off just to see if there is any increase in powers so far the answer is no. Well all know that the DS CAIS makes the noise of the standard rescirculation dump valve echo throught the filter givging a nice "dump Sound" however if I put my Dump Valve back on will I lose this sound after I have fitter my DS CAIS?

Also Looking at the Forge Motorsport web site I see they have a turbo blanking plate for the Volvo/focus ST turbo, my understanding of this triangle shaped item is that if i where to fit this with my Collins Dump Valve my Car would have done away with the standard resirculation item and be louder/sound better because all the boost would go through the sound generator where my Collins Dump Valve is.

However if i did not have any Dump Valve fitted and fitted only the turbo blanking plate and Dreamscience CAIS then the noise we all love would be UNREAL like a high power jap car more of a chatter sound, but in many peoples opinion dangerous to run like that as then you would be getting turbo stall.

Last but no least forge do a complete replacment Dump Valve that does away with the standard turbo resirculation now havin heard a 207GTI with an air fillter and one of these fitted it sounds amazing. I wonder if i would ge the same noise and would it be hard to change as i is located in the turbo.

Attentively if i where to change to the forge actuator would this help me hold boost longer and higher up the reevs?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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