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So come on the lets do a Kent/ Essex convoy to Ford Fair !!!

Seems there are lots of us around the area!!!

First pick up at Bluewater, then Lakeside for the Essex lot

BLUEWATER PICK UP @ 5am with a view to be gone for 5.15 :) We will meet in the car park outside John Lewis!!!

LAKESIDE SERVICES PICK UP @ 5.45 or just before with a view to go as soon as us Kent lot turn up!!!

We wil be linking in the with MK3OwnersClubUK, we are all ST's and will all be having fun :)

Can you please say if you are coming up with us ( let me know your car to, as I have a memory like a goldfish) all and if so where you will be coming from and I will make a list so nobody get left behind!!!

If you have any questions please drop me a message of what not, am on Facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, instagram... you got no excuses not to ask questions :)


Kayne !

1. Kayne - White - MK3 - Maidstone

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Good morning.
Last day of prep before FF!
Which way will you be coming into silverstone?
Will you be coming in via the m40 / A43 services?
If so what time.
I am with ST-OC.COM but no convoys are sorted yet.
Could I meet up with you guys?
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