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Ford Dvd Sat Nav Updates

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first important quick note.. proceed with caution as if done incorrectly, or update fails it can brick your headunit.. this is normally a dealer operation for those reasons and ford do not recommend anybody normally does this apart from the dealer.. so by proceeding you accept responsibility under the knowledge that your taking the risk.

If you have a Denso unit, the update download can be found here,

dont know how new the denso update is though, link was originally posted 10-10-2008

If you have a Denso headunit, because I do not have 1 I havent been able to try that update, so pretty much everything below will not apply to you.

But if you cannot find how to eject the dvd disk.. hold menu for 10 seconds, it will then apparently bleep, at which point you enter the pin code "6414" which will allow you access to a hidden menu area.. which might have an eject function.. but because denso has a separate dvd disk unit in the glovebox? the eject button maybe on that.. if the pin doesnt work do not try any further because it may end up locking your headunit

For Blaupunkt DVD Sat nav unit, on facelifts.. continue below.

If done correctly, and no problems occur, this update works, I did it this evening and successfully updated. Now have the signal bar in the bottom corner as well which i didnt previously:)

:arrow: from what ive read.. the general consensus is that you need a 2008 map disk to start with.. 2007 apparently will not work.

note from posted by user "Dexy"

you must have the 2008 maps otherwise if you apply the 5.1 update your unit will just ask for the correct data carrier, i.e the 2008 or 2009 disc.The 2007 disc wont work anymore.

:arrow: This is not a map update.. if you have 2008 you will continue to have 2008.. this update is purely just to update the headunit software itself to provide new/updated functionality/bug fixes

:arrow: Another tip to ensure success is to keep the engine running to minimise power fluctuations

:arrow: Do not interrupt the process.. once started it must be allowed to continue until finished.. no going back

:arrow: This point must be done before removing your DVD Map disk to carry out the update. Taken from, Posted by user Dexy.
Remember to clear the destination memory first.Otherwise the unit might think you are in Germany or such like. Happened to me when I applied the 5.1 update. It can be a
to fix.

found an update today for anybody who has the ford blaupunkt touchscreen dvd sat nav unit with built in climate control...this doesnt apply to denso units that were installed pre-facelift on the focus.

2 ways to get this update, eigther using this method here,

- Taken from the Kuga Owners club forum. Bear in mind email was sent july last year.. so chances are they will actually have the disks availiable now for dispatch.

"For those with the Premium Sat Nav fitted, it may be worth getting in touch with.

[email protected]

As I did yesterday give them all your details and vehicle ID as they will send you an update free of charge for you DVD Sat Nav.

However the reply I got was this..
" Dear Sirs,

Unfortunately the new updates 5.0 for the Navisystem NX mit Touchscreen are not available at this moment. We have no discs at our stock. The updates can probably be delivered in the middle of August.

We have registered your order now and will deliver the DVD as soon as possible automatically to you, when it will be available.

Unfortunately we can not give you the exact delivery term.

Thank you for your kind understanding"

Regards BigGeord

or, the download is availiable at the link below, as somebody has packaged it up ready for burning to CD.. the 5.1 download is the latest version.

Heres some edited notes and instructions, originally taken from, posted by user "mattw4"

:arrow: STAGE 1
Hold Nav and Menu together, then release, before selecting
Eject nav DVD, then enter the headunits pin code before proceeding to insert upgrade DVD (the blank DVD that you would of created)
Asks "Do you want to download file?" (contents of my DVD listed above)
reply "Yes".

:arrow: STAGE 2
Files are slowly loaded onto the unit, part by part. Part 1 is downloaded, an old file is erased, the new file is installed. This happens about 5 times (the time for turning back has gone!!)
Next, the screen turns white and a 'flash application area' is done. Then 'Flash testmanager area' is done.
All in all, the whole process takes about 20 minutes.

:arrow: STAGE 3
When finished, the unit shows "Download successful, system will be restarted"
(yes!! all done, thankful that I did the upgrade!!)

:arrow: STAGE 4
When unit restarts, you have to enter the four digit radio code (same one as when you eject the DVD, the headunits pin code)

:arrow: STAGE 5
repeat Stage 1 to eject update cd you created, then re-insert your dvd map disk.

:arrow: STAGE 6
after you have reinserted it.
Screen now shows "Download file?".
as the original 2008 DVD has some software on it. Select "Yes", otherwise your 2008 disk will fail to work. It will not revert the software to the original software by downgradinig it.. just updates part of the software to ensure the 2008 disk works.. otherwise it will not work, because version 2009 was the latest available when 5.1 was released.

:arrow: STAGE 7
This update takes only 2 minutes and it did very little, compared with the update before that took 20 minutes.

:arrow: STAGE 8
Well, this has fixed it. The software is the latest version and the "2008 DVD" is now reading. I try and set a destination, and yes, it works! (I did have to wait for a 'recalibration' to be done - it took me 10 minutes whilst parked in a road to realise that I had to be moving for the calibration to work!)

I haven't really used it for long enough to see all the new features.
In the audio menu, there seems to be some new buttons for different sounds (like "Rock" / "Pop" / etc)
On the Sat-Nav MAP main screen, there is a button on top left that hides the lower window, so that you can see the map fully without anything in the way
There is a new 'dotted line' above the "AUTO", "0.05 miles" - "50 miles" scale on the Sat-Nav MAP page. But I don't know what it does yet!!
The fuel garages show up with a logo (for example, BP shows with their Green/Yellow sunflower logo) when map is zoomed in. Don't remember this on the original version.
Signal strength shown now.. if it didnt before.

How to access the DVD Map disk,

sat nav disk is located behind the volume control.

basically you remove the volume control/button

then you will notice the panel behind it is separate from the rest of the fascia.

gently prise it forward and it will pop out, credit card is a good tip on removing it.. and inside there will be the DVD disk... you cant remove it though without holding menu and nav buttons which takes you into a hidden menu, where you can enter the units keycode to eject the disk.

©Copyright, Ford Motor Company 1994 - 2010

Reason its listed as a dealer job is because there are usually software updates on the disk as well for the dvd sat nav headunit, as well as the map updates.. and when installing this cannot be interupted as there is a possibility of ending up with a bricked headunit.. ford even have a note on their Etis system saying,

"Do NOT abort this process and do NOT change the ignition key position."
©Copyright, Ford Motor Company 1994 - 2010
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Nope, you can't play movie DVDs etc.

Can anyone tell me where is the signal strength indicator is please? I don't seem to have this on my unit.

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