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Focus St - 2007 - Boot Question

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In the boot of the car I looked at there are 2 straps.

Near the lights.

Left and Right.
What was in them originally.

I tried looking online....

pls help.

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Very early
s would have come with 2 extra straps under the right hand parcel shelf support for fixing the warning triangle. In order to costs the later models didn't come with the straps.

I've got the Conti Kit, First Aid Kit, Warning Triangle, Luggage Net and Load Liner in my boot.
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Automotive lighting Fixture Vehicle door Automotive exterior Car

Warning Triangle

Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Car

The Load Liner isn't just there for show it serves a purpose!


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You can't get a load liner for models with either a full size spare or Focus ST / RS with mini-steel spare.

The First Aid Box looks a lot bigger than it actually is.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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