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Hi there, completely new to fords (well my first motor was a xr2, but that was quite a while ago now.)

Selling me old vw oil burner to buy my first st - yay! Had a mapped s3 before that know a bit about vags but no clue about the st engines.

Is it the same kind of process to remap as the vag turbos? (for stage 2 you ideally want full exhaust, 4 bar, bosh diverter valve etc...)

A mechanic I know quite well has just removed all the mods from his st and is selling the car. Thinking of buying all the parts 2nd hand, hoping to push near 300bhp when I finally get me st.

These include intercooler, full exhaust system, induction kit and a few other bits. He also has a chip (not sure which kind) Is it worth not buying the chip, wondered if a custom remap would be better than a generic chip, would it be possible to get a stage two with these mods? Are remaps even possible on the st as google seems to pull up alot more about chips.

Sorry if the questions are a little silly, bit of a noob!

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I only know what I've read here, which isn't much but basically, dreamscience is where you want to end up. Click me!

*edit - I wouldn't be surprised if an admin/mod moves your topic to the Owner's Member sections - it'll cost you a tenner to read, but you'll learn a metric asston from it all. The amount of info on everything
related is bordering on embarassing
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