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First Picture Of My New St And My Other Car.

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Hello all as my other thread says I should be picking this ST2 up in the next couple of weeks.
My first Focus ST and I can't wait..

The wifes car.

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Nice motors.

Is that a zafra turbo i spy?

A quick motor...
Nice looking cars you have there

Really like the blue in the GSi
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A pair of nice looking cars mate ...not seen the
badge fitted to the lower grill before
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The ST needs a proper going over to bring it up to my standard, I'm a bit of a bufty at heart.
I now have two petrol motors now the tax bill will be a knightmare.

The Zafira is a great family car loads room and with 200hp it's no slouch on the motorway either. I just needed another fast Ford, as being an Essex boy it's in my blood.
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