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First Pics

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As promised, some pics of my new car which comes with black wheels. Was a bit wary about this but on seeing the car actually quite happy with them. Also had privacy glass in the end

(Edit - couple of more pics added to Flickr account below)

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looks mega - really suits the car especially with the privacy glass
First pics I can remember seeing that actually do justice to EW!

The black wheels look a lot better on it than I'd imagined as well. You must be pretty pleased!
Looks lush!!!

Privacy glass brings the wheels out nice
I take it your not swapping them for standard one any more???
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Well chuffed with them so indeed will be keeping my black wheels despite everything I used to think about them. Indeed I think it is the privacy glass that makes the difference.
Looks great mate I would be chuffed if I was you!
QUOTE(Lancastrian @ 14 Dec 2009, 02:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and clean.

Not this morning it aint, jeesh you should see it after a 10 mile run down the Bypass eek!!

Cheers for all the comments folks, well chuffed indeed. Now to get some mileage on it so I can enjoy it and get Mountune fitted.
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Looking good there mate,bet you are pleased

Just nip down the A7 to Gala and get the Mountune done
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That looks amazing

Wheels top it off nicely, just waiting for someone to do a swap for my silver ones
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Am well jealous. Electric white is the colour of choice.

Car looks stunning there chief...
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