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Finally Got It!

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I had to wait a few weeks but finally got my ST3, and got to say its an amazing drive. Already had a play with it mapped with dreamscience on the dsci map and still got the smile on my face lol.

I do have a couple of questions though. I know this sounds stupid but what are the tire pressures meant to be, I checked them when i got it and the fronts were 31psi and the rear 28psi.

Also, I do a lot of motorway miles, would I be better returning it to stock or using one of the dreamscience maps for this, aparently the performance map is good for economy.

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Enjoy the car mate..

Yes if you want a bit more economy use performance map...then put DSCI on at the weekend..
Glad your enjoying it.
The pressures for standard tyres are located on drivers door jam. 33psi standard.
This is a Ford recommendation, but some of the other tyre manufactures may recommend their own specific pressures. Plenty info here if you do a search.
Some people maintain getting better mileage running one of the maps than standard, so have a play around yourself and see what you are getting.
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