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Fiesta St Mini Meet

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hey troops the fiesta SToc are having a mini meet on the sunday 6th dec 8pm.
im attending to catch up wae the guys plus said i would go before i got the focus.
just wondering if anyone else fancied a trip up?
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might be up for this, what time are they thinkingabout having it? **Edit** just realised its at 8pm haha having one of those sundays!
yh, im not going anymore as im not turning up in a 1.2 fez courtesy car.
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QUOTE(Rab ST @ 5 Dec 2009, 09:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>yh, im not going anymore as im not turning up in a 1.2 fez courtesy car.
Why not? I would

I regularly cruise around with my mates in my mum's 1.25 fez whenever the focus is off the road (a bit too often for my liking!) A night out is a night out eh

I always behave myself in the fez though and never take it over 2000 revs, as Browner will verify!
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just not liking the fez, miss the focus. especially dont like the idea of being surrounded by cars i used to own or cars i aint driving
when i have a puddle jumper.
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Yea I also will not be attending due to also having a courtdey car of a fiesta 1.25, cars in getting a new driveshaft, fiesta is slower than a pun o minceP.s top gear is half 8, just to make you aware
least i didnt miss topgear lol.
see told you! 1.2 fez sucks!
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