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Faint Scratches On New Car And Valeting In Sheffield

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When I looked at my metallic black car in the warehouse in direct sunlight there are lots of very faint scratches in the drivers side (Probably all round but sun only on drivers side). Salesman told me that its the Ford finishing and as they are so slight (but there are lots of them) I can believe him, especially as the car was still covered in dust. Has anyone else had this problem? I looked at a new black one in the showrom and they seemed to have polished all the scratches out of that one but I'm still a little hesitant as it's the Mrs, not me, who is picking it up. I'm hoping a good polish will sort it out but advice would be welcome!

Also, can anyone recommend a good valeting company near Sheffield?? I'd like to get it done ASAP with winter coming.

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Happy customer.
CRAIG (thevaleter) came to do our absolutely fillthy car today - it took him hours but the end result was worth it as underneath he found a shimmering electric orange ST! It looks like new which is great because we are going to sell it - although my partner now wants to keep it (as well as the new company car)...excellent job and fantastic rates would highly reccomend.
Glad you are happy with the car Bex, was nice to meet you both
Professional Detailer and Valeter
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