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Facelift Head Unit Into Pre-facelift?

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Does anyone know if the Curved Facelift Head Unit can be fitted to a pre-facelift? I have searched but cannot find anything?

(Photobucket is under site maintence so I posted links - sorry)

From This:
Pre-Facelift Stereo

To This:
Facelift Stereo

Any help would be fab!
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yes iv got one fitted in my pre-facelift. so it can be done.
Thank you!

Do you know how? Do I need a new faceplate?
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Just speak to ford and get the full facia. The later pre-facelifts came with the newer stereo.

Only problem I can forsee is if you have the DEACT climate control as the unit changed when they changed to the newer stereo...

Thank you, Luckily I dont have DEACT.

I can see that I would need to replace the front fascia, I am just unsure how the unit is held in place, behind the fascia?
QUOTE(chris424 @ 3 Dec 2009, 10:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thank you, Luckily I dont have DEACT.

I can see that I would need to replace the front fascia, I am just unsure how the unit is held in place, behind the fascia?

Id imagine its held in a cage. You will need the tools to slide down the side of the stereo id imagine to release the stereo from the cage. I'm not the right person to ask about this as I havent done it
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Done this a couple of months ago, as you say, you deffo need the new surround. To remove the older square type you need the four removal keys(more to that later) once you've slipped the headunit out you need to disconnect the multiplug. Bit of a pig 'till you look at it once it's out; looking at the unit put your right hand behind at the lower edge and find the bootom of the multiplug, there is a sort of lever lock, pull this away from the unit and up and it starts to free the plug, wiggle it the rest of the way out. Two torx head screws undo the old style surround.
Part one........done!
As you look at the new unit you will see it mounts by four screws to the dash/HU housing. This is where the problems begin, you can't mount it like that. The physical structures are completely different,I purchased the mounting clips for the newer unit thinking they may help, no chance!
So here's the bodge.
As said the old surround is fixed by screw, the new one is a tight friction/clip fixing. I took the unit out to the car to power up to check the code and make sure it worked. Sat it in the hole and it looked quite snug, so I thought, hmm, presented up the new surround and gave it a dunt.
Yes it's sitting in on it's own weight and secured by the tight surround. Been in for months now, driven hard over poor surfaces to no avail, still solid.

The keys, these are a tenner from team torqesteer, but if you wanna give me your address i'll send you mine to use and you can send them back when you're done.


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Thank you soooo much Kenny! You are brilliant!
That was the exact info I needed! I shall give it a go

I am lucky enought to have the original keys but your offer is more than kind.

Thanks again!
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