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Our lasses 57 ST3 has developed a slight probelm in a smuch that when starting in a morning we get a smell of pertol/exaust gasses inside the cabin???

It has happened a few times, the last was this morning, Obviously it was cld to I had it one full demist (DEACT) and the smell was quite strong, it cleared soon after setting off.

I do park the car down our drive so little breeze to blow exhaust gasses away (don't know if this is relivent)

This has only happened a handfull of times so I know that if I tak eit to the stealers they will not find anything

Anyone else had this.

Next time I will check unde rthe engine to see if I can smell anything under there.

Anyone got any ideas???

NB car only has a cat back and K&N replacement eliment and spacer if this is relivent



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QUOTE(Dennis @ 10 Feb 2010, 10:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Where would I find this, i also wondered about the oilfilter diaphram, how can i test this?

the oil breather pipe exits from under the plastic cover on the engine. roughly in the middle.
they have been known to fail. fumes could come from it on cold start up.
the diaphram is on the front left hand side under the airbox & is a pig to get at.
it usually screams though when its split & when it happened on mine there was no fumes.
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