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Eo Touch Up Paint

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Ive recently bought a 55 plate EO ST and theres a few stone chips on it, So just wondering where i can get a touch up stick or something and is there one anyone can recommend , Ive seen the one on teamtorquesteer but not sure if its any good as ive had experiences in the past with some touch up kits not being the right colour.

i did do a quick search on here but couldn't find any threads on it, if anyone knows of one then could they point me in the direction of it please


edit: this is the one i was looking at.....
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Just bought this myself, seems to do the job well enough and you get a decent quantity of paint, plus a fine brush for smaller chips. It's not a perfect match but as many say on reviews, it's the best available and I'm not actually aware of any others on the market.

Most chips are so small you probably won't notice it unless you're cleaning/waxing it and it's better than rust taking hold. Would be interesting to see if there ARE any others available though
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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