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Engine Vibration Through Clutch Pedal?

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Only had my ST 6 weeks and I'm rather concerned as I'm getting an annoying vibration through the clutch pedal.

From parked, if you stick the car in neutral and very slowly depress the accelerator I get a subtle engine resonance felt through the seat at about 1400revs and then a stronger resonance at 2000revs. At this point if you dip the clutch and move it around the bottom of its travel you get this same vibration on the pedal. It's really off putting when driving.

I went to see a mate tonight and was suprised that his ST had the same engine vibration but he didn't get it feeding through to the clutch.

I just wondered if...

a. anyone else gets the clutch vibration
b. anyone else doesn't have the engine resonances I mention.


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The vibration through the clutch seems to have got stronger now but also occasionally intermittent. I haven't worked out what seems to trigger it, but more often then not it's there.

It's easiest to show at standstill if you rev the engine in neutral up and down from tickover to 3000rpm, the clutch pedal vibrates loads in the lower half of travel. You can feel this when changing down the gears when moving.

Local Ford dealer have said that it's not a problem, it's just a "characterisitc"

Is there anyone else here who has/had this issue as I would like to prove to Ford that it's not common and maybe they'll do something about it.

Thanks for suggesting a driveshaft inbalance but this must be a different issue as my vibration occurs at standstill as well as in motion?

Anyone think it could be a flywheel issue?


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