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Hello everyone, I have a 2017 St with just under 67,000 miles on it, stock tune, did get the recall for the evap done. On Friday me and my wife were coming back from a trip about 280 miles mainly highway cruising about 70. I just filled up before we started and was making good time, however about the last 60 miles I felt the cruise control turn off and seeing my speed drop, I though maybe I hit it since my hand was by it I downshifted and tried to get back up to 70, only to notice I was getting no response from the car. I pulled over to the side and as I came to a stop the throttle came back so I went on my way, only to have it repeat about 10 miles down the road, and this time the engine cut off, as I got it going I notice a CEL popped up so I limped it to the nearest autozone since we were about to enter a town.
The CSR there pulled a code and said it was my throttle position sensor. I started to call family since it was about 45 minutes from where we were to home. During that time I let the car rest and after they showed up I decided I'll truck it home with the car and pull over if it acts up. I stalled about 3 more times on the way home, 2 it killed the engine and I let it rest for a few minutes and got it going again. On the 3rd and final time it held the RPM, not wanting to die I felt the car trying to pull itself out of the stall and did, was about 20 miles left of the trip and didn't have any other trouble with the car.
The next day I unplugged the battery and just check fuses making sure none were bad, check wiring making sure it was all good, after I did that I started the car up and drove it around, seeing how it handles low rpms and speeds for a bit and saw it was good, I went to the Autozone near me and they pulled one code P00c6 for a fuel rail pressure low. I got the paper from them and drove a little while more and didn't have any trouble so I gave it some mild pulls through the RPM range and it looked all good, drove it yesterday and today so far with no issues and no CEL are illuminated
So now I could use some help in where I should go for this, what system should I test to see what even sparked that issues in the 1st place, go for the throttle body, I know it's one piece with the sensor. I don' t think it's a fuel pump issues as I am not getting a lean mixture now or lack of power, Or should I look into the vacuum system like the Evap line (or is it called the purge valve can't remember,) or lastly could it have been bad fuel, It was around the half tank mark is when it acted up.
Lastly it was about 90 outside and high winds the whole trip if that has anything to do with it.
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