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Every one just thought I would let you all know about my experiance I have had 3 STs Two mondeo and the latest is the focus I went to fords for a touch up paint to do some touch ups on scuff on my car 3 weeks back and found it was £85 for one touch up pen so I did a little searching on a well known auction site and found a seller selling all colours and all models for a fraction of the price.
So I decided to give it a go they were brill The paint was a perfect match and I would recomend any one looking for touch up paint to go there.

they only charged me £8.95 and was a perfect match I also bought alloy repair from them making my price car a perfect mean machine again.

the colour code for our cars is

I bought from here

Will upload some of my photos soon

Please let others know of the qualitity if you get any touch ups off these guys
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