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Morning Guys,

Finally got the Eibachs fitted on to the St yesterday! The thing that worries me is, there seems to be alot of bangs and rattles coming from the rear end when going over sort of bumps in the road... Is this normal?!?!

Cheers guys.

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Shouldn't be. Check your shocks out (basically push down on the back of the car, best place to push is with the boot open just above the bumper. If it bounces around your shock has gone).

I had a similar problem after fitting Eibachs on my car before the ST.
I have also had the Eibach springs fitted and when reversing off my drive the front sometimes makes a few noises, I just put it down to the shorther springs moving around in the cups if that makes sense because my driveway has some strange cambers.

I would leave it a couple of days to see if it settles down, cars do seems to creak when major components have been disturbed, or run it down to a tyrefitter and ask them if you can stick it on their ramp and have a look yourself for a few beer tokens their way.


We had this too - turned out the anti roll bar just needed a bit more of a tightening. Take it back to the garage and get them to give it a tweak. We have had no more problems with noises since then.
I had some issues with the front end, it turned out to be, (I know nothing of cars) some oil/damper pads on the front top strutts and a national recall for the loud clunk on the left wheel. That is all they told me? Yours is the back end though, so not too sure mate
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I had problems with my car after i had Eibachs fitted....Creeking noises from the front steering. Was the drivers side top mount.

Didnt know buying and getting them fitted would cause problems and more cost.
Do you own a Pre-facelift mate?
If so, they have brake disc protectors which need either removing completely or just pushing back.
Not sure if you are interested in how they are fitted but done mine myself and there is not much to remove on the back end. 1 bolt each side (you can also remove another to make it easier) but they do creek a bit until they settle in.
They have to be put back in their seat properly when re-fitted.

Look at the middle picture here and its the outside lower bolts
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