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Hi Henrik,

I had more wear on the inner edges of my front tyres on the standard springs. The original front tyres were worn out at around 14,000 miles. According to the Mk4 ST fb group poor alignment and excessive tyre wear is quite common.

I had the Eibach springs fitted and the alignment reset and then checked again after a couple of weeks. so far after 2000 miles the tyres seem to be wearing evenly.

I'll get the alignment checked again when the summer wheels/tyres go back on in April.

Thanks for the information Colin.

I will get the alignment checked when I get the Eibach springs fitted.

Looking at the Ford online shop, the following Eibach kit 2457003 is listed for Focus 2018-:

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However, it states that it is not compatible with ST or ‘vehicles with active suspension’. Anyone got any ideas if there is a Ford FINIS code for the Eibach kit which would fit an ST with Performance Pack adaptive damping? I’d rather order parts and fitment via the Ford website if possible.

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