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Ecu Spacer

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ECU Spacer, are these any good?
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no one got these fitted and have no view on them?
I've got 1 fitted with a K+N element - can't really tell the difference but many have said they do work (i don't drive hard enough to notice)

I'm looking to swap to a CAIS instead for more noise
you selling it? where did you get it from?
sorry to be such a newbie but what do the ECU spacers do?
QUOTE(gizm0 @ 2 Dec 2009, 04:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>sorry to be such a newbie but what do the ECU spacers do?

The way that the induction system on the
is configured mounts the Ecu to the air box . Part of the Ecu sits inside the air box to keep it cool , which it does very well . The downside with that is it puts a large restriction on the engines ability to breath well and is one of the easiest mod to do
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ohhhh ok, does it make any difference? where can i buy these ecu spacers from or could i just get some made as they just look like bits of metal with holes in lol, i know people that could do that for me lol
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