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Ebc Pads

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So im thinking of up grading my brake pads to these but dont know which 1s to go for the red stuff or the yellow what would be best wen running about 300bhp, also i use the car everyday but normaly only do short journeys to and from work
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The yellows are a bit extreme for road use. If they are just for use on the road then i would recommend fitting the red stuff but if your going to be doing a lot of track days and using it on the road also then go for the yellows.
I had yellows on my VXR for road use. They were pretty damn good, miles better than the OEM pads. You could break scarily late on motorways etc! On the VXR club, guys tend to favour the yellows more than the reds, but on here its the other way round. So I'm not sure what pads to buy now for my ST!
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With the oem pads i was getting brake fade after repeated heavy breaking on the road, i then fitted ebc drilled and grooved discs with ebc yellow pads. I have to say i was dissapointed in the pads, there was far less bite and feel than the standard even when warmed up, however they were fade free, I have just fitted standard mintex pads, ( volvo fitment ), i am so far finding these very good, the bite and feel are back, but not really had chance to test the fade resistance due to the weather! One thing i will say is, it is surprising how noisy the brakes are with drilled and grooved discs!
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