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I've been in touch with EBC and they already make Bluestuff pads for the ST and many other cars, so this gives a very good additional option.

EBC Bluestuff pads
Front standard calipers

Rear standard calipers

They also stated that when running EBC, you should run the same compound front and rear. They frowned at me running bluestuff on the front and yellow on the rear but I didn't know that they made Bluestuff for the rear until this morning. So I'll be swapping my yellowstuff rears for bluestuff before going on track again. I want to get the rear braking as good as it was on the Streetmasters.

They make Bluestuff for most cars and the rule of thumb in terms of part numbers is:

Redstuff is DP3****

Yellowstuff is DP4****

Bluestuff is DP5****

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