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I was given some xmas money to get the ST re-maped I will be getting the DS unit but I am not sure if I want the Dreamscience Stratagem with the 9 maps of the stratagem ultra, I really dont think I need all the gadgets the ultra has anyway i like to have a nice clean interior no cables showing (OCD)

Are the other gauges on the stratagem ultra any use and does it really hold any big advantage over the DS Stratagem unit I really dont want to make the wrong choice.

Do they still make the DS Stratagem with the 9 maps or should i just buy the Stratagem Ultra I am also should i buy new or second hand?

The mods I run are Down-pip De-Cat Cat-Back DS Induction Kit Front mount will come in January.

Any Help would be great I mean if you have either can you comment and let me know what you think

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