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QUOTE(RS2kJane @ 27 Nov 2009, 06:29 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>In a word. Yes.

Oh yes,
to the club too!!

Bet this next week is going to drag till you get the

Cheers m8 was worried a bit as its on ebay they want £150 for it the new ones are a lot more. i have had 4 st mondeos in the past one st200 in blue and 3 new st220s fab cars the first had every conseivabke xtra no it stunning car touch screen sat nav heated back seats i could go on. I work for ford in the bridgend engine plant so get a little discount lol.

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to the club,i have DS on my 58 plate it was previously on my 56 plate with the 7bug update and DSci,i could not upload DSci to the 58plate so had to get the new update file from Jared
he emailed it to me and everything is wonderful now
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