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Dreamscience St1 Performance Upgrade

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Just got the Dreamscience st1 performance upgrade.
dsci tune,cat back exhaust and dsci induction kit. what a difference! My car has gone from awsome to
mental awsome! The torque in 4th gear is amazing! Big thanks to Carl and Jared.

That Tea was awsome too! Not as good as the bacon sandwich tho!

check the graph out. what a torque figure.

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Good to meet you Sir, we were well impressed with your figures there. Not bad for £925 Stage 1 kit and results like that, hope your son likes it too

All the best

[email protected]
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like it. Thats an under statement. He wanted to sleep in the car last night with the ignition on so he could listen to the exhaust note. mental!

can't wait to try some of the other maps.

Thanks again Dreamscience.
Cant open the graph in work - what are the figures ?
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