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Dreamscience Boost

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can someone please clarify when the boost is supposed to kick in when running race+ or DSCI.

Having read hundreds of posts on the subject it appears most people get that big kick around 2000-2500rpm.
When in 3rd mine kicks in about 4000k on both maps.
I dont have any issues with this- i love it, but i wondered if dreamscience had altered any perameters to help eliminate limp mode or something.

I say 3rd gear as i believe 1st and 2nd are still torque limited, although i still get no big kick in 2nd at 2000k.!!

many thanks
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If this is just in the current damp conditions, it sounds like your Traction Control is cutting power until you get grip ...

Mine does this, and quite often the TC/ESP light doesn't flash even though the power is definately being reduced ...

In the dry I get strong boost from around 2000rpm, it peaks at about 3500rpm, drops a bit then comes again around 4500-5500...

I think all ST's are slightly different though, but not getting any proper boost til 4000rpm does seem pretty strange ...
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