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Double Din Fitting

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I'm just about to get the DNX-5240BT and need to know what fitting kit i need. From Car Audio Direct if poss

Mines an 07 Pre-Facelift ST-2 and they mention black and anthracite, i wouldn't say mine was either?!? Do i need just the facia or the whole lot?

Anybody shed any light?

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Forgot to say, i have the later red LED sony unit that's rounded...
Ok scrap that, i've found the correct facia fitting kit. What about the steering controls - anybody know what's needed? And the wiring ISO adapter?
Ok, i spoke to a company about this and for anyone that's interested:

In 07 the adapter you need changes - before 07 the lead had an ignition switched feed in it which was taken away later.

Basically, you need to check before you buy - especially if you have an 07!

I dealt with dynamic sounds in Crawley and they were superb too.
ime trying to find adaptor so i can fit a double din kenwood into my 07 can you give me the details where to get it from and what else i need? thanks?
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